ONE: Theatre because somebody's got to.
Art is necessary to the survival of our species and making art is a privilege that we must earn. Ours is a theatre of joyful sacrifice. We hope to share our art with everyone by teaching children, rehearsing in parks, giving free performances, and reaching out to every neighbor in our community door by door.

TWO: Theatre that enjoys things.
We strive to create theatre that speaks to the soul of the individual from the soul of humanity. Our theatre works to be both fun and meaningful, a theatre that entertains without condescending. We strive to communicate messages beyond words and to explore not only what is or what should be, but what might be; a theatre of possibility.

THREE: Theatre at all costs and little costs.
We embrace a poor theatre whose resources are devoted to creating art and nurturing artists rather than building expensive sets and collecting elaborate costumes. We believe in a homemade theatre of arts and crafts, of cardboard boxes and construction paper and scissors and glue. We believe that theatre belongs everywhere and should not be confined behind stages and curtains. A firehouse is a theater, and an outdoor ice rink in Summer, and a gym, and a park pavilion, and the beach…
FOUR: Theatre that knows it's up to something.
We believe in telling stories as stories and creating characters as characters. We believe in a theatre of fantasy and unreality, performed as fantasy and unreality. We believe in a meta-theatre free of illusion that shares with a living audience and never hides behind the frame of a proscenium arch.

FIVE: Theatre that just wants to say hello.
We believe in response and interaction, discussion and engagement. Our theatre invites without manipulating, plays without confronting, and allows the audience to be as much in the story as they choose.